Illustrator Edit Original Opening Wrong Photoshop Version Fixed

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Edit with Photoshop in Illustrator launches old version of Photoshop – Fixed

If you are an Adobe Creative Suite user like we are, this issue might have popped up for you on Illustrator 2021 and 2022.

This is the solution that worked for us.

Step 1:

First we need to double check and make sure the program that will open your linked file is properly set to the proper application by “Default”. For this example we want the linked .psd file to open in Photoshop 2021. To preform this check, simply navigate to the file via your finder and right click the file to see if it shows the proper (default) application is selected.

Step 2:

In Illustrator Navigate to: Illustrator-> Preferences-> File Handling

In the File Handling window make sure the “Use System Defaults for ‘Edit Original’ box is Checked.

Click OK.

This should resolve the wrong Photoshop version opening when you click “Edit Original” in Illustrator.

We also have the solution published here.

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